The Rod Builder's Library

Custom Fishing Rod Building Articles, links, videos, and tutorials


This library contains works by some of the finest rod builders known to the craft today and it's my hope that other custom rod builders from around the world will contribute there expertise with some of the varied techniques and rod types they use as well.

Relax & enjoy! All of the material found here is free to access, print, & download. All that is asked by me and all of the contributers is that you Do Not alter the documents after you save them.

Most of the posted files are in PDF format. You can download the latest version of Adobe's PDF viewer at

Any rod builder is welcome to contribute content for this library. You don't have to be a "pro" to have learned something worth passing out to others!

This website is by builders for builders. Submitting tutorials or other content is easy! 

Contact me "Raymond Adams" and I will get it posted ASAP.